10 DPO: The Pregnancy Test

7:02am: Wake up. Take temp. 98.20, still good, hasn’t dropped down yet.

Time to take Test #2. Washed my hands, brushed my hair, then looked. Saw a faint line. And not an imaginary faint line, like you see when you’re really hoping for a positive, but can’t get anyone else to see it… A Real Faint Line. Showed hubby, took a picture, updated my fertility apps, downloaded Ovia Pregnancy.. Yes, I was excited!

Still no real symptoms since the period-like cramps on Thursday morning, no implantation bleeding, no sore breasts, no major nausea.. Had some bloating, worse than usual for my luteal phase, but not enough that I’d be able to tell the difference between period bloating and pregnant bloating. Just felt worse. And the nausea had been around since 3dpo, not likely to be caused by HCG that early. Seemed to happen during my previous two cycles as well, so more likely it’s a side effect of the progesterone now that I’m off birth control.

No symptoms was a good thing though, as my Bachelorette Party was that day. Decided I’d be having Shirley Temples at the bar later on.

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First time mom, writing about my experiences in pregnancy (and after). Rainbow baby was born August 16th, 2015.

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