8 DPO: The Cramps

5:30am: Wake up. Take temp. 98.20, went back up a little, that’s good.

Then cramps. Period-like cramps, 6 days early. Sure, it’s possible that my period could have been early, but highly unlikely. I’d decided the night before that I wanted to test, since I was feeling very hopeful, so the cramps just seconded that notion.

So, I went to the bathroom and broke out my last First Response. Washed my hands, brushed my hair, then looked. Couldn’t really tell, but kind of looked like there might have been a tiny tiny bit of dye where a line might go, but hubby just shook his head. I was still confidant, so I determined that 8dpo was just too early; I’d try on Saturday, give the HCG time to build up. If I really saw a line, it would be more obvious then.

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