Week 37: Are We There Yet?

Baby Size: Honeydew Melon
Dilation: 3cm
Effacement: 60-70%

Well, big change from last week! Baby’s head is ‘very, very low’, according to my doc, so any day now, really. Hubby’s out of town this weekend, so I’m hoping baby waits until Sunday morning at least, so hubby’ll at least be on his way home by then. We have his daughter with us for the next couple weeks, so it’s pretty exciting that she will probably be here when baby comes.

Also exciting is the fact that hubby assembled the crib this past weekend! It looks great, although we probably won’t use it for a few months. We haven’t moved the moses basket into the bedroom yet, but that’s what we plan to use for the first few months. Now we just need to wash the cloth diapers and put those away (those will also not get used for a while yet, but they’re taking up room on top of the changing table currently).

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