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So, had the third ultrasound last Wednesday, and they were unable to detect a fetal heartbeat. Met with my doctor to go over the results on Tuesday morning, and it turns out the baby actually shrunk between the first and second ultrasounds, and they weren’t sure if the heartbeat they heard was from me or the baby, so since the 3rd ultrasound showed only slight growth (about a day) since the first ultrasound, and no heartbeat, baby’s been dead since the day after the first ultrasound.

Still no bleeding, pregnancy symptoms are pretty much gone… Doc gave me a prescription for Misoprostal, and some Percocet, if I want to kickstart the actual miscarriage, since my body doesn’t seem like it’s going to do it anytime soon. I’m going camping this weekend, so I want to wait until after that to do anything. Since we have Monday off, I plan on taking the meds on Sunday, and hopefully have it all over and done with by the time work starts on Tuesday. Worst case, I might need to take a day off work, but I shouldn’t have to. Sounds like it works within a day for most people, though there has been the odd few cases where it doesn’t work until the second time trying it. But I’m hopeful it’ll work the first time.

Saturday would have been 10 weeks, I was planning to start working on an announcement this weekend if all went well… 🙁

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