Clearing Up

Cramps: gone. Red blood: gone. Pads and liners: gone.

Down to just the brown spotting, mostly just when I wipe, so I decided to risk no liner today. I’ve been feeling normal for the past few days, got all the big clots out on Friday (and was feeling terrible half the day because of it) and the rest of the bleeding was pretty light after that. Started with the brown spotting on Tuesday, so I guess we’ll see if I end up ovulating this month or if it’ll take a while to start that up again. Just hoping I don’t get pregnant this month, I’ve heard there’s a higher risk of miscarriage the first cycle after a miscarriage… Probably because there’s still a chance that some tissue is leftover from it and could interfere with a new pregnancy.. But I’d have to look into it. Or just try not to get pregnant until next month. That might be better.

Or, I could hurry and get pregnant so I have the extra progesterone throughout the winter… Keep me warm and all. šŸ˜‰

But seriously. Glad I’m pretty much done, andĀ IĀ can get back to normal (physically, anyways). I guess that’s all I really have to say for now. Bleeding started August 29th, clottingĀ started September 1st and stopped September 5th, bleeding stopped September 8th, followed by a few days of brown discharge. In case I need the timeline for later.

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