First Christmas

IMG_20151226_141121881Our first Christmas with baby Ronyn on the outside was pretty eventful, nothing too crazy. We drove up to visit my husband’s family, and found out that bedsharing in a ‘full’ instead of our normal ‘queen’ bed kinda sucked. At one point, I woke up on my husband’s side of the bed, and baby Ronyn had the entire other half. So that was interesting. Other than that, she had one major blowout, and a couple minor leaks; she got passed around and got to see lots of new faces, and did great with that until she got hungry. She was able to meet great-grandpa, and he got lots of smiles out of her. Really, I think the worst part of the trip was the drive home; she was too upset to take a pacifier, and even sucking on my thumb didn’t calm her down, so we had to stop much earlier than expected in order to feed her. Not sure if she was actually hungry (it had been less than an hour since she last ate), or if the lack of normalcy finally got to her, but thank goodness for the magic of breastfeeding! Instantly happy baby.

So originally, we were supposed to head home in the morning on Saturday, but with the weather reports showing lots of snow early in the morning, we decided to head home Friday night instead. Got home around midnight, and passed out almost right away. Then Saturday was celebrating with my side of the family (or rather, just my parents and brother). We met up for lunch at La Casita, and then headed to my parents’ house to hang out and open gifts. My brother’s girlfriend made a Mew hat for Ronyn, and a Toothless hat for Jade, they’re both *amazing*.

Overall, great Christmas, can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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