Week 28: Gender Reveal

It's a girl!Baby Size: Tropical Coconut
Food Cravings: Almonds in Chocolate
Newest Milestone: Gender Reveal!

We had our baby shower on Saturday, and it went great! A bit disorganized, and we forgot about a few food items (beans, bell peppers, lemonade), but everyone seemed to be having a good time, and nothing terrible happened (though I did kind of ruin the mac and cheese, but whatever). I wore a pretty dress, didn’t spill on it (it was black though, so it probably wouldn’t have shown regardless), and opened gifts. And most importantly, I found out the gender of my baby! It’s a girl!

Which of course means that I now need to figure out a middle name for her.. We’re unofficially decided on Ronyn for the first name (I haven’t conceded to my husband yet, but I’m starting to lean more towards it), but we haven’t even really narrowed down the middle name possibilities. Plenty of time, though, right?

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