Happy New Year!

IMG_20160101_1223105072015 was a pretty darn good year, overall; my best so far. About half of my pregnancy sucked, sure, and giving birth wasn’t all that great, but in the end I got a gorgeous little girl out of it. It’s been an adjustment, taking care of this tiny human, trying (struggling sometimes) to decipher her cries, and rejoicing in all the Firsts and her beautiful laughs. The best kind of adjustment, in my opinion. The sleep adjustment isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but that might just be because I got used to not sleeping well during pregnancy (and really, there’s a huge difference between not sleeping well because of heartburn and joint pain and RLS, and not sleeping well because your baby wants food and cuddles). I think my least favorite adjustment is being a working mama, but hey, gotta do what I gotta do. I can stay home with her once I win the lottery, right?

One adjustment I haven’t fully gotten used to yet is balancing my free time. I know I have so many things I should be doing (one of them being exercising) but I don’t like being away from my baby any longer than I have to. That’s actually the same reason I drastically cut back on working out when I started dating my husband. I’m still trying to get back into it 3 years later. On the bright side, I know I will go on walks with my baby once warmer weather comes around; I just don’t want to keep wasting my gym membership.

So I guess, now that it’s a new year, I should mention resolutions. My resolution last year was to deliver a healthy baby, and succeeded in that. I’ve even started eating healthy-ish so she isn’t getting so much junk in my breastmilk. Cut back drastically on coffee, and caffeine in general, and I’ve been trying to cut back on dairy as well. So my resolution for this year is to continue my healthy life changes. Not worried about the weight so much right now, as I know breastfeeding uses up my body fat so my body will hold onto some of the weight as backup, I just want to get back into a healthy routine. I’m actually already back to pre-pregnancy weight (have been since 6 weeks postpartum), but if I can tone up this year, I’ll consider that a win.

Some things I’m looking forward to this year:
– Valleyfair
– New home
– Auntie Ree coming to visit
– Ronyn learning to walk/talk/crawl/eat
– Quitting pumping

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