Week 34, Day 7: Home Stretch

Baby Size: Savoy Cabbage
Food Cravings: Chocolate
Newest Milestone: Actual stretch marks.. And swelling.
Current Top Name Choice: Ronyn Celise

Five weeks left! Next week, I will be starting my weekly OB visits, and she’ll be checking for dilation. I will also be tested for Group B Strep, which is apparently fairly common (about 1 in 4 pregnant women). Hopefully I won’t have that, but apparently all they need to do is give me antibiotics through an IV during labor, which isn’t a big deal at all. And then they’ll already have an IV in me if I decide to go for IV pain meds.

I just pulled the trigger on registry completion discounts (for most of the things we still need/want), so we should get all that in the mail this week (except for the diaper bag I want that actually comes out on July 29th). We’ll be cloth diapering after the first couple weeks, so I ordered 16 cloth diapers. Expensive, but if we don’t have to buy a ton of disposables, then it should be worth it.

Now for the not-so-fun parts right now:

  • Baby’s running out of room, so when she moves around or kicks, it actually hurts. Still no rib kicks, so I’m counting myself fortunate there, but I’ve also been getting the cervix kicks… Those are the worst.
  • Braxton Hicks are getting stronger/more frequent, and I actually worried a bit about them last Friday because I was getting them every few minutes, but they became less frequent once I laid down and drank water. Stayed in bed like that for about 45 minutes before deciding I was safe again.
  • Stretch marks. I finally got them, and it was practically overnight. I only have myself to blame, because with the constant heartburn/acid reflux, I haven’t been drinking as much water (it felt like water made it worse for me), so I hadn’t been staying hydrated. So now I’m trying harder to drink more water. With the recent heat wave, it shouldn’t be too difficult, but we’ll see.
  • Breast pain. They’re getting ready for breastfeeding, so they’ve started hurting again, just like the beginning of pregnancy when the prolactin just starts to increase. Maybe this means my boobs will have a growth spurt soon?

Well, considering how often I’ve been posting, maybe the next time I post will be a birth story! Wish us luck!

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