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So, not gonna lie, this week has been horrible. I was taking 3 Percocet a day, and going through at least two pads a day. Yesterday was a lot better, had some cramping, enough to take a couple Percocet, but I felt more energized. Or rather, less dead, I guess. No Percocet today, and bleeding has slowed a little. Still some clots, but not as many, and not as much in the pad. Yesterday I had a gush of blood in a brand-new pad while taking the dogs out, walked as fast as I could back to the house, and went straight to the bathroom… yeah, pad was almost completely full, and it leaked. But none of that today, yet. I decided to go in to work today, so I’m sure it’ll happen at some inconvenient time today.

Anyways, the most important thing right now is that I’m feeling better. The blood is apparently going to continue for at least another week, but the clotting should be done soon (until next cycle, at least — I’ve heard the process repeats itself during my first period after miscarriage). I’m kind of scared to get pregnant again, though, because this miscarriage was 3 and a half weeks after the fetus stopped developing, and I had no symptoms of miscarriage (except pregnancy symptoms going away about a week before the miscarriage). I’m going to be paranoid the WHOLE time, I just know it.. So I’m going to try to not pay any attention to whether I’m pregnant or not, and I’m going to push off any ultrasounds until 8 weeks from LMP. I just don’t want to get my hopes up so early again… But we’ll see how that plan goes.

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