Week 36, Day 2: Dilation

Baby Size: Ripe Papaya
Food Cravings: Anything to get rid of this heartburn
Dilation: 1cm
Effacement: 50%

I had my first cervical exam yesterday, at exactly 36 weeks. Gotta say, it was worse than a regular gyno visit, because the probing caused cramping for like an hour after. Definitely not looking forward to feeling that again… But I have my next cervical exam next Tuesday, so hopefully there will be a big change, and maybe I’ll have this baby in early August! A girl can hope, right?

I’ve definitely been having more contractions in the past couple weeks, so I’m trying to keep track of them more often now, especially since sometimes it feels like it’s only been a few minutes since the last one. But they’re still very irregular, so I’ve been drinking more water when I get them, since it can be due to dehydration. But I’m trying to make sure I have everything ready in the diaper bag, just in case.

Wish me luck! (Hopefully) less than 4 weeks to go!

Week 34, Day 7: Home Stretch

Baby Size: Savoy Cabbage
Food Cravings: Chocolate
Newest Milestone: Actual stretch marks.. And swelling.
Current Top Name Choice: Ronyn Celise

Five weeks left! Next week, I will be starting my weekly OB visits, and she’ll be checking for dilation. I will also be tested for Group B Strep, which is apparently fairly common (about 1 in 4 pregnant women). Hopefully I won’t have that, but apparently all they need to do is give me antibiotics through an IV during labor, which isn’t a big deal at all. And then they’ll already have an IV in me if I decide to go for IV pain meds.

I just pulled the trigger on registry completion discounts (for most of the things we still need/want), so we should get all that in the mail this week (except for the diaper bag I want that actually comes out on July 29th). We’ll be cloth diapering after the first couple weeks, so I ordered 16 cloth diapers. Expensive, but if we don’t have to buy a ton of disposables, then it should be worth it.

Now for the not-so-fun parts right now:

  • Baby’s running out of room, so when she moves around or kicks, it actually hurts. Still no rib kicks, so I’m counting myself fortunate there, but I’ve also been getting the cervix kicks… Those are the worst.
  • Braxton Hicks are getting stronger/more frequent, and I actually worried a bit about them last Friday because I was getting them every few minutes, but they became less frequent once I laid down and drank water. Stayed in bed like that for about 45 minutes before deciding I was safe again.
  • Stretch marks. I finally got them, and it was practically overnight. I only have myself to blame, because with the constant heartburn/acid reflux, I haven’t been drinking as much water (it felt like water made it worse for me), so I hadn’t been staying hydrated. So now I’m trying harder to drink more water. With the recent heat wave, it shouldn’t be too difficult, but we’ll see.
  • Breast pain. They’re getting ready for breastfeeding, so they’ve started hurting again, just like the beginning of pregnancy when the prolactin just starts to increase. Maybe this means my boobs will have a growth spurt soon?

Well, considering how often I’ve been posting, maybe the next time I post will be a birth story! Wish us luck!

Week 29, Day 5: 3D Ultrasound

3d-ultrasoundBaby Size: Pineapple
Food Cravings: Fries
Newest Milestone: 3D Ultrasound!

After finding out the gender, I decided that I really wanted to see my baby’s face. I was hoping it would help me settle on a name. Sadly, she didn’t want to cooperate this far along; she was cuddled up against the uterine wall with her elbows up, so we pretty much only got a good view of her lips, nose, and an elbow. Doesn’t help me decide on a name at all, but it was still great getting a sneak peek of our little girl!

Week 28: Gender Reveal

It's a girl!Baby Size: Tropical Coconut
Food Cravings: Almonds in Chocolate
Newest Milestone: Gender Reveal!

We had our baby shower on Saturday, and it went great! A bit disorganized, and we forgot about a few food items (beans, bell peppers, lemonade), but everyone seemed to be having a good time, and nothing terrible happened (though I did kind of ruin the mac and cheese, but whatever). I wore a pretty dress, didn’t spill on it (it was black though, so it probably wouldn’t have shown regardless), and opened gifts. And most importantly, I found out the gender of my baby! It’s a girl!

Which of course means that I now need to figure out a middle name for her.. We’re unofficially decided on Ronyn for the first name (I haven’t conceded to my husband yet, but I’m starting to lean more towards it), but we haven’t even really narrowed down the middle name possibilities. Plenty of time, though, right?

Week 24: Update

Baby Size: Eggplant
Food Cravings: Soft Pretzels
Newest Milestone: Tiny Stretch Mark
Pregnancy Stretch Marks: 1

24 weeks today! Which means it’s been exactly 20 weeks (this evening) since taking *just one more test* because I was starting to recognize the symptoms from last time, and my period still hadn’t shown up (and I didn’t have the typical ‘period’s about to start’ symptoms either). It’s also the day that I realized those negatives I’d been getting since 10DPO were just too diluted to show within the 5 minutes I checked them.

Anyways, 112 days til due date! Nothing special to report, other than baby’s kicking all the time, and I’m peeing all the time (thankfully no accidents though, all under control so far). Only one stretch mark so far, and it’s technically just a continuation of an existing one from when my hips first started growing ages ago. Tiny so far, but I’ll still count it.

Oh, and I sent out baby shower invites! I won’t share the postcard designs (since that has my address on it), but this is the facebook event cover, which was based on the postcard design:


Week 19, Day 2: The Anatomy Scan

Baby's ProfileBaby Size: Zucchini
Food Cravings: None
Newest Milestone: Anatomy Scan!

Finally got to see baby again! It’s been a looong 13 weeks, and baby looks more human than that blob at the 6 week scan. Almost halfway to seeing my baby in person! Baby was mostly cooperative during the scan, until it came time to scan the head. It got real comfy pressed up against the wall, face-down of course, so the sonographer had me lay on my side, then the other side, then on my back again, then all over again. Hubby of course attempted to help by tickling me, and eventually baby moved so we could get a decent profile view. Heart rate was lower than it was the past couple times I’d checked using the doppler, around 130 bpm, but considering how calm baby was, I’m not surprised. Did get to see baby sucking its thumb, that was adorable <3

Week 18

Week 18Baby Size: Sweet Potato
Food Cravings: None

Almost half-way! Had another baby (boy) dream. So that brings the tally to 4 boy dreams, 1 girl dream (and 1 girl dream from mother-in-law). Me and hubby were sitting in the little living room we have set up in my parents’ basement, hubby was holding baby, and we were feeding him individual cheerios I think. Then I held baby. Totally uneventful, but I loved it.

Last night, hubby decided he wanted to take me out to eat, I ended up deciding on steak, and hubby suggested an expensive steak house he really likes. So we got dressed up and went there. Before we left, I decided to take a bump photo with my fancy dress on, just because. So, ignore the dirty mirror and terrible lighting, lol. One of these days I’ll switch to taking pictures upstairs, where the lighting is much better.

Week 17, Day 2: Kicks!

Week 17 BumpBaby Size: Pomegranate
Food Cravings: Cheetos
Newest Milestone: Kicks!

17 weeks and 1 day. Baby’s been making itself known for a couple days now! It was hard to tell previously if what I was feeling was baby or gas, I basically waited a few seconds to see if I felt the gas building up, and if I didn’t then I would be able to say it was probably baby. Plus, whenever I put my hand on my lower abdomen to feel it, it wouldn’t happen again. The past couple days though, I’ve felt the kicks and known that it was baby, and I even got to feel it with my hand today after lunch! Still kicking occasionally, but it was super active about half an hour ago. So exciting! I guess this means I need to start keeping track of kicks per day. Oops. Too late today, maybe tomorrow.

Just a little under 2 weeks until our next ultrasound! We’ll see if due date changes, and if there’s a surprise twin in there (it can happen!).

Week 15, Day 4: Getting Close..

Baby Size: Avocado
Food Cravings: Orange Juice
Strongest Symptom: Exhaustion
Old Wives Tale Status: Leaning Towards Boy

We had our 15 week checkup on Wednesday, and got to hear the heartbeat again (first time with hubby in the room with me). Heart rate was in the 140s, and baby was moving around like crazy in there! Our little ninja in training 😉 We have our next ultrasound scheduled for the 24th of March, I’ll be exactly 19 weeks (though it’s possible the due date, as we haven’t seen baby since week 6). Hoping due date will move up a few days so I don’t have to worry as much about still being pregnant for the wedding I’m going to be in at the end of August.

Anyways. So, pretty sure I can officially say bump has started! Either that, or I’ve just been super bloated the past week. I feel super lazy, and need to get back into exercising now that morning sickness is done. On the bright side, still wearing regular jeans, though one pair is getting too tight already.

Week 13, Day 3: Announcing!

announcementBaby Size: Hot Jalapeno
Food Cravings: Fig Newtons
Strongest Symptom: Round Ligament Pain

Well, quick update on morning sickness, it almost went away and then I got sick (like, bug sick, not pregnant sick). So the past few days have sucked, majorly. But I’m feeling better again, and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Which brings me to the actual point of this post:

We got photos done on Sunday, and sent announcement cards out yesterday morning. Hoping most people will see the announcements by Saturday, because I want to announce on Facebook that evening.. I don’t know if I want to wait longer than that, I’m going crazy keeping this a secret!

IMG_3073edit2  IMG_3121edit2