Week 4, Day 2: Starting Over

So a few weeks ago, my husband and I decided to embark on a scary wonderful journey: we decided to move in with my parents, sell the house, and pay off bills before we buy/build a house. This, of course, effectively put TTC on hold. So of course, right after deciding to stop TTC, I ovulated, and we happened to have sex during the fertile week. I knew I would end up pregnant this month, but part of me hoped it wouldn’t happen, so we could at least be in the process of buying a house before trying again. Oh well, guess it’s too late for that!

So today I’m at 4 weeks, 4 days 1 day (adjusted due to ultrasound). Baby’s the size of a poppyseed. And baby’s been pretty easy on me so far. Slight cramping for the past week, nothing major and nothing really obvious like last time. Slight soreness in the boobs, almost didn’t even notice it. Had some nausea last week, but that came at the same time as a sore throat, and my husband was sick for a few days then too, so I’m writing that off as unrelated. Other than that, the only reason I suspected I was pregnant was the lack of bleeding. I should have started my period yesterday, and spotting should have started 3-5 days before that. Sore boobs added to my suspicions, so I tested yesterday and saw a line.

Both of us are of course disappointed that we won’t get to finish our plan before baby comes (the plan was supposed to last for a little over a year), but of course I can’t say no to this little rainbow! It’s gonna have to deal with me working out now, though. I started before it would have implanted, so I’m gonna keep the pace about the same for a while (which is pretty light, considering I’ve been away from my precious elliptical for so long), and go easy on the abs for a while at least.

So, I guess, I’ll accept prayers/well-wishes/happy thoughts from anyone who comes across this blog! Hubby is applying for a couple different things right now, so prayers/well-wishes/happy thoughts in that area would be accepted as well; we could definitely use the extra income.

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