Week 34, Day 7: Home Stretch

Baby Size: Savoy Cabbage Food Cravings: Chocolate Newest Milestone: Actual stretch marks.. And swelling. Current Top Name Choice: Ronyn Celise Five weeks left! Next week, I will be starting my weekly OB visits, and she’ll be checking for dilation. I will also be tested for Group B Strep, which is apparently fairly common (about 1 […]

Week 7: Sick, Sick, Sick

Baby Size: Raspberry Food Cravings Non-Aversions: Chicken Strips Strongest Symptom: Morning Sickness. And Constipation. So, I’m pretty sure I got sick from someone over the Christmas break. My nausea was much worse than normal, and has recently gone back to a manageable sickness. And since I had a sore throat at the same time as […]