The Camping Trip

We went camping this weekend, so I decided to bring the meds along so I could take them on the way home, and get it all done before work on Tuesday. Well, my body decided it would help me get it done, but it kind of ignored that whole point of wanting to have a relaxing camping weekend… So most of yesterday I was slightly crampy, then in agony (more like a 7 or 8 on the pain scale) once I tried to go to sleep. Took a Percocet, that helped for a while, but somehow it took forever to fall asleep so I think it wore off after an hour or so. So glad I thought to put a liner in before falling asleep, it could have been messy otherwise.

Anyways, so I don’t think I need to take the meds, which I guess is good. I’d rather do things naturally, anyways.

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