The First Six Weeks

11052017_10101559621358651_4907501295105358200_nSome cool things:

  • Cuddling with baby (I can’t think of anything that tops that)
  • No more heartburn!
  • Breastfeeding actually feels pretty cool once your nipples are broken in
  • I can wear my wedding ring again! And most of my clothes
  • I can drink alcohol again. Not that I actually do, but I have the option to (if I time it right with breastfeeding, or we have pumped milk ready to go)
  • Netflix for HOURS

Some not-so-cool things:

  • Breastfeeding sucks for a week or two, until your nipples get used to it
  • Healing from the episiotomy
  • Tough decisions, such as: put her down to shower, or keep cuddling? (almost always chose the latter, not gonna lie)
  • Changing her diaper. Immediately after changing her diaper.
  • Realizing that I should have taken that nap when I had the chance, cause now she’s dead set on crying all night and I’m too tired to keep my eyes open

I had a hard time breastfeeding at first. Not as hard as some people, for sure, but it was still hard for me. She had a perfect latch right away, so I never had to worry about that part, but I had a lot of pain the first two weeks. I ended up with milk blisters on both sides almost right away, and I had shooting pain on the left side anytime I tried to nurse on that side (but no other signs to indicate any issues). I had to stop nursing from the left side for a few days and exclusively pump from that side, and when I tried it again there was almost no pain whatsoever. Definitely glad I gave myself that break.

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First time mom, writing about my experiences in pregnancy (and after). Rainbow baby was born August 16th, 2015.

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