Trying Again

Well, my first cycle after MC wasn’t too terrible. Random pains in the uterus or ovaries or something, started to think I might have had some issues with the miscarriage.. But I think it’s gone now. Back to TTC, though I’m not confident in our chances this month. Hubby got in the middle of a dogfight, and got bitten in the leg, and of course this happened right before my fertile week, so our only time trying was after I’d already ovulated. Hopefully soon enough after that the egg still got fertilized, but I guess we’ll find out in a few days or so.

I’m currently 7dpo, and feel very warm. That would be the progesterone, and it’s definitely reflected in my BBT chart. Obviously too early to tell if it means anything, but I at least know that my body is warming up in preparation for possible baby-growing. By now, it’s possible that it’s implanted, if it even got fertilized. So the lower back pain might be related to that. And the cramps I felt yesterday could also be related to that. And the slight nausea.

Or, maybe, not all of the tissue got expelled from the miscarriage, and it’s getting infected. Well that escalated quickly… But seriously. Not reading too much into my ‘symptoms’ because I’ve simply felt like crap the last couple months, but I do want to keep track of what I’m feeling, just in case it turns out to be pregnancy. Or even just in case it turns out that I have these exact issues every luteal phase. It’s still good to keep track of my health.

Speaking of health, I’ve definitely put on weight since the miscarriage.. It looks like I’m about as pregnant as I would have been if the miscarriage hadn’t happened.. And most of that is probably the stress-eating. I’m usually good about my eating, but I’ve been a bit lax on the self-control… So I’m starting to exercise again, and thinking of getting myself a gym membership. Hoping to get back down to 170 at least, just back in the ‘normal’ bmi range for my height, but I’ll be happy with just feeling better, both physically and mentally.

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