Week 39: Ugh. Just, ugh.

Baby Size: Small Pumpkin
Dilation: 3cm+
Effacement: 70%
Station: -1

How does she even still have room in there?? I’m at the point where it now takes quite a bit of effort just to roll to my back from one side — and still need to roll to the other side after that, because laying on my back isn’t comfortable. My left leg slides out of the joint (or at least threatens to) at least once a day. Sitting sucks. Standing sucks. Stairs suck. However, I occasionally get to poop, which is wonderful when it happens.

I have a doctor appointment tonight, and I’m crossing my fingers she’ll tell me to just go to the hospital right after. I’ll be her last appointment of the day, so it would be convenient for both of us. But I don’t think there’s been much change since last week, so I doubt it.. Did have contractions less than 5 minutes apart last Thursday, but only lasted about 45 minutes before they lightened up. It was a very disappointing night.

If anyone’s reading this, tell me your false labor stories, or any time you got your hopes up that labor was finally happening!

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