Week 24: Update

Baby Size: Eggplant
Food Cravings: Soft Pretzels
Newest Milestone: Tiny Stretch Mark
Pregnancy Stretch Marks: 1

24 weeks today! Which means it’s been exactly 20 weeks (this evening) since taking *just one more test* because I was starting to recognize the symptoms from last time, and my period still hadn’t shown up (and I didn’t have the typical ‘period’s about to start’ symptoms either). It’s also the day that I realized those negatives I’d been getting since 10DPO were just too diluted to show within the 5 minutes I checked them.

Anyways, 112 days til due date! Nothing special to report, other than baby’s kicking all the time, and I’m peeing all the time (thankfully no accidents though, all under control so far). Only one stretch mark so far, and it’s technically just a continuation of an existing one from when my hips first started growing ages ago. Tiny so far, but I’ll still count it.

Oh, and I sent out baby shower invites! I won’t share the postcard designs (since that has my address on it), but this is the facebook event cover, which was based on the postcard design:


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