Week 6, Day 7: The Phone Call

Just got a call from my clinic regarding the ultrasound, and of course, getting a call instead of a letter usually means something’s wrong… They started out with good news, it’s a uterine pregnancy (I figured they would have mentioned during the ultrasound if it was ectopic), and the new estimated due date is March 28th, 2015. And then came the bad news. Heart rate is low and variable, it was going up and down multiple times during the ultrasound, etc. I had snuck a peek at the screen at one point and thought I saw a heart rate of around 73, which is definitely low for 6 weeks, so I was prepared for this phone call (but hopeful that I was just misreading the data). They want to schedule another ultrasound for next week, but I haven’t gotten the call about that yet, so I’m just hoping it doesn’t fall on Friday night (when we drop Jade off at her mom’s).

I’m torn on whether to have Jade come with for the next one… I want her to be there, but if it’s bad news, I don’t know if I want her to find out I’m pregnant and then find out I’m miscarrying in the same day. Though I still have no reason to think I’m going to miscarry, so I just need to wipe that scenario¬†from my mind….

So yeah, I’ll take any and all well-wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, etc. Crossing my fingers!

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