Week 7, Day 3: The Second Ultrasound

I had my second ultrasound last night, but no answers yet. They didn’t tell me anything about the baby, no reassurances at all, so I don’t even know if the baby is still in there, or if the heart rate is strong and healthy, or what else. It’s actually pretty frustrating, because it’s something the ultrasound tech should be able to do. If you can see a baby in there, and the heart rate doesn’t look scary-low, you can at least say that everything looks promising. I’m not asking for guarantees, I just want a tiny bit of reassurance that I didn’t just go get an ultrasound for a baby that doesn’t exist anymore.

Ugh. But other than that, still have mild pregnancy symptoms, still get slight nausea throughout the day, and breasts still hurt, and I haven’t noticed cramps yet today but I still had cramps as of yesterday. Which brings me to one odd thing that happened yesterday, that may or may not be part of the reason I’m so frustrated about the ultrasound; I had some brownish mucus-y discharge when I wiped, and this was before the ultrasound. And I know, brown discharge, not so bad, at least it’s not red… but it doesn’t really ease my mind at this point. Low heart rate, plus brown discharge, plus having no idea what the results of the second ultrasound are… I just really don’t want to be at work right now.

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