Week 8: The Ren Fest

Went to the Renaissance Festival today with my husband and step-daughter, and had a great time. However, one downfall was the heat; I get heat exhaustion fairly regularly when out in hot weather with the sun beating down on me, but it came on so quickly today that I had no chance to prepare myself. I had just gone into the mister at the petting zoo, and it felt so great, the wind cooling the water on my skin… We stopped for a minute to watch the Highland Games, and then found out my brother was over at The Danger Committee, so we started to head over there. Pretty much right when we started heading that direction, I got the head rush I usually get when I’m kneeling or crouching and then stand up quickly. I had been standing the whole time, so I knew something was wrong. I started walking faster because I didn’t want to waste any time, and knew I needed to sit down ASAP. Fortunately, we found spots to sit right away, and I drank more of my water. And then I drank the rest of my husband’s water. And then he went to get us more waters. Finally, I felt like I could walk a little bit, to get out of the sun (like I said, I was just looking for a place to sit — I didn’t care if I was in the sun or not at that point, and the show was pretty packed), so we went to a shaded area and found a couple spots, and I drank my water and watched the show, and felt a littleĀ better. Decided after the show that I might just be hungry, so we went to get me some food. It worked; I felt MUCH better after that.

So other than still getting used to the whole eating-more-often thing, I had a great time at the Ren Fest. Spent a lot of money, but it was worth it.

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